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intro forests April 1, 2009

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I apologize for the half-finished nature of the posts on this blog so far. I hope to become more intentional about posting, instead of just grasping the inspiration to get moving when I have just a couple of minutes. Due to the nature of my life right now, it seems like by the time I return to the blog, some other inspiration or connection has come along that I want to make sure I take note of. I’m not abandoning anything that I’ve mentioned thus far. I want to come back and address it more fully at some point, but I also want to make sure I capture things when they are immediate so that I don’t lose them.

For example, right now I want to do a bit on Forestry and how I see it intertwining with village values and means. But I have about 4 minutes until I need to clock into work, so forgive me for breaking off mid-thought.

Forests and Peoples is definitely a class I needed to take. I appreciate the broad view it gives of American forest history and I’m excited that we’re starting to talk about the basics of forest function and management. It is really clear to me that trees are a vital part of success for the village and what it stands for. Forests provide many things, and many indigenous people from all parts of the globe consider themselves “forest people”. The village won’t healthily subsist indefinitely without close association with local forest and/or woodlots. Not only do forests provide food, shelter, and many other products for human existence, they purify watersheds, recycle nutrients, stabilize environment…. I could go on and on. And I have to go.


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