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Growing into community

Check-in August 1, 2009

Filed under: existing communities — Saera @ 10:42 am

I haven’t written here in much too long. Be assured that I have been accumulating material and taking “real” action. I have been developing relationships with people who are interested in community-building and living differently. Tomorrow I am going to Sirius with one of these new friends. At last, when someone inquires whether I’ve been to that community, I will be able to say yes, and have perspectives from my own experiences there, rather than hearsay. This will be the first intentional community that I have visited, other than a visit to a friend at a shared-house co-op. On Monday, I hope to share some of my findings here, as well as my thoughts on the book Visions, given to me by the same friend I am visiting Sirius with.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer, full of growth, good food, and new opportunities.


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