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Realizatons August 12, 2009

Filed under: economy,food/agri/garden,organization,redetermination — Saera @ 4:13 am

I need to write here absolutely every day. One of the things that I had to hit myself with over the head with tonight is that I *am* building the village, and while there certainly is a lot more I can be doing (and am starting right now, dammit), the important thing is that I have taken Goethe’s advice: “whatever you can dream, begin it….” So I HAVE begun. What I need to do now is get so serious about continuing from my beginnings that the effort shows up concretely. So I am re-determined to write in this blog like I am redetermining to be physically active…. every single day.

On Saturday I went to NOFA at Umass. Although I only went to the information fair, I was determined to go. What is NOFA? It’s the Northeast Organic Farming Association. They were holding a conference at UMass, and although I’m unable to afford spending money on participating in the conference, I found the information fair highly useful and inspiring. I came away with a bag full of brochures, business cards, and magazines. Afterward, I had a good long conversation with my friend about some of my ideas around the village…. some good realizations have come out of that conversation. One is that I really do have a lot of ideas getting well developed, and I need to dedicate more time to writing them down. Another is that I think I need to write a book. And a third is that I want to stop begging people to join me. The ideas can speak for themselves, and when I grow my life and develop sufficiently and show concrete proof that those ideas are beginning to be enacted by me, people will begging me to let them in. A few other realizations have come along with that, but I’m not sure if I can verbalize them quite yet. So I’ll save some of them for tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!


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