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Sirius Part One August 19, 2009

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I’m back from Florida now, and determined to continue my resolution to write in the blog every day, even if it’s late at night. I appreciate Kara asking about Sirius. It’s good to have a reminder, because I almost forgot to write about that, and now I don’t have to come up with something else to write tonight. 😛

I actually didn’t get to explore Sirius very thoroughly, especially on the social aspect. It is further outside Amherst than I thought it would be… not sure by how much, but we went through forested, windy roads to get there. There is actually another, smaller community on the way. I don’t remember the name, but it looked like it probably wasn’t bigger than 10 people, although I suppose it could feasibly house 15. It was like one big house. We stopped briefly to look at it. You can see little bits of Sirius through the trees before you really arrive at it. The person who brought me told me a little about building the road and how the space used to be. He showed me the one conventional farmhouse that was the original dwelling, along with the garage that was converted into a yoga/meditation space. There was also a large shed that apparently serves as multiple types of workshops, including glassblowing I think… Obviously I ought to have written this sooner as memory of details is getting a little fuzzy. We spent most of the time wandering around the current main building. It’s very cool. The central part is a huge octagon, two stories, with long wings on either side. It’s built of wood, mostly untreated on the outside. Despite the greying wood, the place is thoughtfully and precisely built. The steps up to the main entrance are lovely, the upper half of them being large slabs of stone. Just outside, there is a pretty inlay, although I can’t think of what. Just inside the door, there is another, this one of a dove and a globe, made from stone. It’s very beautiful and gives a sense of the whole place’s interest in peace. To the left from there is the office, with a thick wooden door that pleases my sensibilities, and a piece of paper on it with appreciations from people who visited at some point. To the right is another door, I can’t remember to where. We were greeted here by….(drat, I’ll have to look up the name) an upper-middle aged man who has the appearance of someone who has worked hard. He has a quiet dignity. The person who brought me knew him, as my host had once worked closely with Sirius and sometimes still does. I was introduced and informed there would be a tour the next hour of the community. I was excited at this prospect, by my host told me there might not be enough time, as he did have another appointment. Beyond here was a large dining area. We edged around it. There was a bit of a potluck going on. It was lively and happy, talkative but not too noisy. The tables were made from wood, some of them especially nice. On the opposite side of the octagon from the main entrance was a door out to an attached greenhouse. It was two parts, a walkway hugging the building with some chairs and table by them, and the lower part with plants. They were very high raised beds, built into the structure, with walkways making everything accessible. There were lots of basil plants, which was lovely, and a bunch of herbs, plus the most gigantic, extensive rosemary bush I could have imagined. I can’t ever keep a rosemary bush alive, let alone keep it that big!

I’d better save some of this for tomorrow and get to bed. Thanks for reading!


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