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Disharmony? August 23, 2009

Filed under: community structure,social investment — Saera @ 4:37 am

So I haven’t written today. I was gone from my house from 9:30am ’til 10pm. But I can’t let this be an excuse. School is coming up and there will be plenty of days where I have a lot going on. But there are breaks at work that I can take advantage of, and bus rides, etc. Of course I will have homework, etc. But I must write here every day, for habit of writing about the village, for accumulating thoughts to clarify. Anyway, how about something actually about the village?

One of the things that’s popped up in my mind lately a bit is how to cope with difficult situations in the village. Ideally, people would be mature about their interactions with each other, but I know that in reality this doesn’t always happen. My friend Kevin once spoke to me about using talking circles. I don’t remember exactly what it was called. I’ll have to ask him again. But the basic idea is providing a space where all the members of a community can speak and hear each other’s perspectives without interruption or demands on time. I’m not sure how well that would work for every day, one on one interactions. But it certainly would help in situations where it affects the whole community strongly and the community feels divided. And what do we do about people who don’t contribute fairly, who seek to take advantage of others in various ways, or who seem to constantly cause disharmony? In the past I’ve simply said that the community as a whole will not put up with such behavior for long, and perhaps might ask someone to leave, or that such a person would realize that the village might not be a setting that works for them. Now I feel that such an attitude is a bit naive. As much as I wish it were otherwise in my idealism, I want to be prepared for such possibilities. So I have a lot more to consider about that, and hope to see solutions evolve here futher.


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