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August 31, 2009

Filed under: redetermination — Saera @ 2:11 am

What am I willing to do?

This is something I heard today, and I felt connected to it as a tool for self-reflection in where I’m at in terms of developing the village. I am not satisfied with what my answers appear to be thus far. It appears that what I’m willing to do consists of working at Whole Foods, going to school, writing in this blog, and something like making bread sometimes. I want to be a lot more committed and sincere about this, and I want to find a way to show that with deep dedication. What I’m doing so far isn’t *bad*, but it’s only a start.


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  1. NotesfromaBashful_Radical Says:

    writing is fairly good fodder for action, i think. you're on the best path–questions, doubts, a mounting desire to grab something and shake it. i started chanting two hours a day and the urge bulged: chanting is sometimes like steroids to our scarier desires, like changing the world. 🙂

  2. Saera Says:

    hahah, yes! I've definitely been chanting more and more this summer, and so I'm less satisfied with what I've been doing so far. Trying to write on this blog is a good start, and it makes me more cognizant of what I actually have been doing. Then I want to be spending more time and making stronger efforts to be doing things worth writing about! Plus getting myself to stay in a mode where I'm thinking about things in a way that is conducive to constructing alternatives! Thanks for reading!

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