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Land Trust Non-profit evolutions! October 19, 2009

Filed under: land,land trust,organization — Saera @ 2:48 am

Today I went to my second meeting of a group of people considering forming a land trust non-profit. I think there have been a couple of other meetings, but I only found out about this in September via Chris. It was interesting, because today the meeting contained an entirely different group of people than the last, except for the central organizer and myself. But it seems like we’re boiling down to a few ideas:

One, that we’re probably moving towards forming a non-profit Land Trust. This could be a parent/umbrella organization whose main purpose is helping people get access/education about land.

Two, that there is clearly a group of people interested in developing some kind of community related to this Land Trust. This could end up as one community or multiples. We will do more brainstorming about shared visions we have in this area.

There is discussion too, about whether we should try to get onto some land right away, renting or whatever, as a way to practice/experiment/learn about community and developing related skills, or whether we should focus on ideals and bonds.

I’m really excited to be working with people, figuring out practically how we’re going to do this stuff!

And Tom and I have been talking about ideas too! Now if so much of school didn’t feel like a distraction!


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