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Notes from cashiering November 24, 2009

Filed under: community structure,economy,interconnected,organization — Saera @ 7:55 pm

Source of energy: human muscle + gravity
function: transportation of people and light – medium loads between central house and satellites (and between satellites?)
Avoids walking in snow/rain, unnecessary trips.
Further research: potential for carrying children/sick/elderly/handicapped

Blog Topics:
-giving and getting
-The relevance of Spiritual development
– Religion and Respect in a village setting
-the grand scale/international level
-Fiction and Inspiration
-Family and Social Structure
-Expectations of accomplishment
-Shifting ideals into reality
-planning a collective future.

Giving: types
-Reciprocal gain: expected return of investment in terms of personal expectations of behavior and benefit
-Fostering/Care: giving with the vision of inspiring and demonstrating compassion similarly.
-Giving of true appreciation: giving inspired by the presence of a person in one’s life

Risks and complications of giving and receiving: dependency, incurred debt, competition, complex relations, taboos.


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