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Honest July 2, 2010

Filed under: redetermination,slavery — Saera @ 6:41 am

I spent most of yesterday playing a videogame. Doesn’t matter which one. I took a walk with Daniel and made dinner, and other than a few phone calls, that was the extent of my productivity. Late in the evening, I felt utterly dissatisfied with myself. I have been slipping into this all summer, and enough is enough. I know I’ve said it before. But this has got to be it. For once I have the time available to me, even if other resources are short. I really need to take full advantage of the opportunity I have to work on the research and projects I think are vital. So today I am doing some reorganizing, some rethinking about how I manage myself, and I am determined to get a lot done. I’m going to check in later and tell what I’ve accomplished.

I woke up this morning thinking how my teenage self used to love nothing more than playing outside, and how I had a big problem with all the time my brothers spent inside watching t.v. Now I’m the one spending way too much time inside, with a mountain in my backyard…


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