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Organization June 9, 2011

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While I was a student, I had opportunities to gather information about local organizations and businesses with goals and values similar to the Sunflower Village Initiatives. However, as I was focused on my education and unable to devote the time to them, I filed them away to be researched later. This past week, I cleaned out my files. I began creating a database of these entities, which in keeping with what I have been learning from Katie G., I am terming Allies. I plan on researching these Allies to see how our values align and what kinds of relationships we can build as SVI grows.

I have long struggled with being specific enough about how the Sunflower Village Initiative will work. So one of the other major things I am working on is thoroughly describing the Initiative: how it will work, what programs it will engage in, who it is for, and why it is needed. I am also brainstorming ideas for making more effective use of Board Members capacities and time as well as for involving individuals who want to be volunteers or members of the Initiative. As this becomes more coherent, I am likely to share some of it here to disseminate the ideas and to receive critiques. Look for more soon!


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