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Revitalizing and Regrouping September 19, 2012

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Clearly, I haven’t posted here in quite some time. My full time job was incapacitating my creative energy. People are often devastated by becoming unemployed. I am, for the most part, relieved and thrilled, with just a little anxiety thrown in. Sure, I’ve got to find some way to pay the bills, but it is wonderful to be out of such a negative environment. The past week or so I have been regrouping a bit, and now I am ready to dig back into my ambitions for the Sunflower Village Initiative. 

Even before I started reviewing some of my “in progress” documents today, I’ve been doing some daydreaming about where I’d like to be later this year and a year from now. And as I’ve been mentioning my recent liberation with people, a few have mentioned ideas or resources for my consideration. Here are a few things, dear readers, that I am aiming towards accomplishing. I hope that you’ll help me be accountable!

1. Review, Clarify, and Edit existing documents

2. Find a location to hold Interest Meetings (ideally with a projector compatible with my laptop. UMass maybe, Amherst Library?)

3. Meet with potential Board Members for informal discussion

4. Get back on track with connecting with existing communities

5. Form Self-Help Groups


Number one is great because I can get a lot of work done there myself. I have a good start on some of these things. The biggest thing I need to work on is clarifying and drawing together how the various components will work independently and in support of each other. Going to do some print outs so I can more easily reference documents simultaneously. Thank you for your continuing support! 


4 Responses to “Revitalizing and Regrouping”

  1. katie8243 Says:

    Okay it’s been a month: Tell us what you’ve accomplished from that list!

  2. Saera Says:

    Thanks for holding me accountable, Katie! It really helps to know that someone’s keeping tabs!

    So far I’ve gone through some of the documents, but I think I want to print them out and do some consolidation. I guess sometimes I edit the old fashioned way. I’m kind of impressed with the powerpoint I forgot I’d made. The past few days, I’ve been considering setting a date for an interest meeting, but I have to really work on where to hold it. Definitely somewhere with a powerpoint display.

    A couple of other things that I’ve done: I went to the Garlic & Arts Festival and got a chance to try out a loom, and I collected some information about a land trust and some other people/orgs I may wish to work with in the future. Yesterday I went to a Seed Saving & Plant Breeding talk at UMass. There’s absolutely no reason I shouldn’t be saving my own seeds! It’s not that hard! And I learned that one of my volunteer plants in the garden is sorghum, which can be used as chicken feed!

    A self-help group is something that I’ve been thinking about a lot. I think that I just need to make the phone calls and have the conversation with 4-5 people that would be good to start with.

  3. How’s progress on your list coming? I thought it was a great step forward to get a Facebook page started for the Sunflower Village Initiative. Do you have any specific goals for the upcoming year?

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