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Making Applesauce & Cookies November 13, 2012

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Last night I made applesauce chocolate chip cookies. I made the applesauce myself. It was easy, and really didn’t take long! I used apples that I picked with Malcolm and his kids at an orchard about half an hour away a few weeks ago. Don’t let anyone tell you applesauce is hard or time consuming to make. I just washed, peeled, cored, chopped 4 apples and put 4 Tablespoons of water in a medium saucepan.(I probably should have put in 3 like the cookie recipe suggested because it came out a bit runny.) Covered the pot and let it simmer, stirring very occasionally. Whenever I stirred, I mashed up the apples a bit with a wooden spoon. I also added cinnamon and a dash of cloves. I like Kaela’s suggestion to add a tiny bit of nutmeg, so I’ll do that next time. I only needed 3/4 a cup for the cookies, so I had plenty left over for a warm, cozy, healthy snack. I made delicious cookies too. Daniel says they might be the best I’ve made. I think it’s because the food was so local and because I made my own applesauce. One more step to food self reliance! (You can do it too!)


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