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Movement! March 1, 2013

Filed under: nonprofit development,organization — Saera @ 8:38 pm

It has been far too long since this blog was updated, and I’m excited to tell you about what’s been going on. In December, I followed up with a few people who had previously expressed a willingness to be on the Board of Directors. We held our first meeting in late January and began the process of getting on the same page. I shared a few documents I’ve been working on, including a draft of the mission statement and our bylaws. We spent some of the time discussing our format as a board. I also shared what I anticipated some of our first programs could be, as well as thoughts on some programs concepts for later in our journey. We concluded by setting our next time to meet.

In Janurary, I also reconnected with a wonderful mentor in Alternative Economic studies whom I originally met in Dorchester, MA through another organization. Angela is encouraging and supportive as well as brilliant in her own right. She gave me a great book, Alternatives to Economic Globalization, which was an exciting and inspiring read on many ways besides global capitalism/neoliberalism to approach economic function. At present, she is back in Sardinia, Italy as a visiting scholar, sharing how Land Trusts are being used in the US. I got to talk with her at one point via Skype, and we have exchanged some lovely emails.

In February, our Board reconfigured itself a bit. We had to reschedule our Board Meeting. I’m excited for our second meeting. I have the benefit of good amounts of time to think about the Sunflower Village Initiative while my hands are busy at work, and I’m preparing to write more on the vision of the nonprofit.

More soon!


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