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Second Board Meeting March 24, 2013

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This afternoon, Malcolm, Daniel and I held our second Board Meeting. Last month was pretty hectic for all of us, so we postponed to this month. This seems to have worked out fine, because I got to spend some time doing a lot of thinking and a little more research. I was struggling a bit because there are so many details to figure out. But then I remembered that this is part of why there is a board: to help figure out the details. It is hard to hash out the nitty gritty details of things like bylaws. Last night I found Massachusett’s form for Articles of Incorporation. It is briefer than the bylaws but shares a lot of the components so I thought maybe we’d switch gears to that for now, even though we need the bylaws to file it. Then I realized I was trying to figure out too many of the details by myself. 

Today, we started the meeting with a check in. To help us all follow through better (including me!) I proposed that in addition to our monthly meetings, I check in with the Directors once a week to see how our tasks are going. Everyone liked this. We went  over the Articles of Incorporation form. Some things one or another of us volunteered to research further, while other sections merited discussion and further research from all of us. One thing we talked a lot about was membership: the types and benefits and how it will work. Going over the Articles of Incorporation also touched a bit on organizational structure, program access, and funding. All three of us emerged with a clearer idea of what we’re doing and how the organization will function. 

It feels so good to have this kind of meeting, illustrating the visions that have been in my head for years and seeing them come to life more with the contributions of the wonderful board members. I feel really good because I am seeing these things begin to manifest. I am doing it. We are doing it! 🙂 


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